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A payday loan needs to be affordable for you, and manageable. And, let’s face it, we want you to be able to pay us back! That’s why we will lend you up to 20% of what you are paid over the period of the loan, net after tax. So it’s easy for you to repay.SMARTCASH payday loans need to be repaid within 31 days, or by the date specified in your loan contract.1. 18 years or older; 2. A legal New Zealand resident; 3. In continuous, permanent employment for at least 3 months; 4. Earn at least $400 weekly, after tax, from employment*; 5. Hold a New Zealand bank account; 6. Have your earnings paid directly into your bank account; 7. Have an email account; 8. Have an active mobile phone; 9. Have no other current loan(s) with another online payday lender**

Smart Cash nz — Online Payday Loans
Why choose SMARTCASH?

Simple. We have the lowest payday loan rates of any online payday loan specialist in New Zealand.

We provide a professional service based on over 30 years’ senior management experience in the New Zealand banking and finance sectors.

A payday loan from SMARTCASH means:

  • same day access to up to $500 cash*
  • less than 5 minutes to apply online
  • super fast loan approval
  • money deposited straight into your bank account
  • no security required

*If your SMARTCASH loan is approved before 3.30pm on a normal business day, your cash can be deposited in your account the same day. The fee for this service is $10.

If you can wait to get your cash paid into your bank account the day after your loan is approved, you pay nothing more.

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