Moola Loans

Moola Loans

How do I qualify?

AmountTermWhat you’ll need
1. Borrow $100 to $5000; 2. Customers receive for the first time a maximum loan amount of $ 500; 3. While the second time customers receive up to $ 1,000 if the loan amount is available.From 2 to 368 days1. You must also be over 18
2. New Zealand citizen or resident
3. Not be bankrupt
4. Be in ongoing employment (we can’t lend to self-employed or beneficiaries)
5. Have an active bank account your pay goes into on regular paydays
6. Access to a device with internet connection
7. Your own active email address
8. Must own an active cell phone
9. Complete online application
10. Pass our employer checks

MMoola NZ

Moola is a New Zealand lender who can help you obtain short-term loans for diverse needs. Moola NZ caters to clients across the country and can lend up to $5,000 for any expense, including emergency medical care, car repair, education, holiday, vet expenses, and even overdue bills. Moola Loans are customized to target people of all walks of life with different backgrounds. Moola reviews all applications with the utmost care and consideration in order to make the best possible decision. We set up realistic repayment schedules that will be convenient to you because you select the payment intervals yourself.  

Read on to find out everything you need to know before you get yourself some Moola money!

Fast Moola Loans in New Zeland — IPay Loans
How it works

Design your loan: Using the sliders, work out how much you want to borrow when you can pay it back and we’ll tell you how much you’ll have to pay all up.

Apply online: It takes around 5 mins, has your personal details like bank account number, email address and cell phone number handy.

Sign loan documents online: As a totally paperless loan application, you sign loan documents online. We’ll also send a copy of the agreement to you by email.

Employment check: As part of being a responsible lender, we need to verify employment details and your application information in order to approve it.

Loan payout: Once approval happens, we pay the loan within 60 minutes guaranteed so you get the money seriously fast.

Loan repayment: We set up an automatic payment from your account in accordance with your schedule. Once you’ve made repayments you can borrow again, subject to our lending criteria.

Moola Lending – Should I Apply?

Moola is a next-generation, modern, fully 100% online lender. It takes minutes to apply – that’s a great advantage we have over banks and other traditional lenders. Moola also leads the NZ market in terms of FinTech space. Our digital lending platform is fully transparent and 100% effective.

Moola’s finance policy involves full statutory compliance. Did you know it’s against the law in this country to give loans of $2,000 or less that have to be repaid within two weeks? Unlike some other lenders, we obey this law. We are a responsible lender with clear rules. You can use our loan any way you wish. Our terms and policies are completely clear. There is neither fine print nor hidden costs. You’ll never be in for an unpleasant surprise.

How to Apply for a Moola Loan?

Moola offers loans between $100 and $5000 to be paid back over up to 26 weeks. We never lend to people who can’t afford our loans. Moola’s loan calculator will show you how much the loan will cost in total. Even people with basic computer skills don’t need more than a few minutes to apply. Sometimes, loans are disbursed within an hour of applying.

To qualify for a loan from us, there are very few criteria to meet. A borrower must be of legal age and a citizen or legal resident of NZ. They must be employed at the time of applying and be receiving regular salary payments to a bank account in their name. They also need reliable mobile phone and e-mail access to get updates on their application because there’s nothing worse than not knowing you got a loan!

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Moola Loans NZ: We Help you Get a Loan

Moola is ready and willing to help anyone who is eligible for a short-term loan. Clients in NZ looking for fast loans have every reason to get started with their Moola investment now. If you need more information, Moola’s contact number is 0800 003 011. Moola’s mantra is a lot simpler than the original moola mantra – give everyone a chance!  

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