About us

Who Are Payday Gorilla

Payday Gorilla is one of the fastest credit network operators in New Zealand. We work just online through splendid online development application structures. This infers we don’t have call centers and don’t take drawing closer or make dynamic calls to our clients.

Realize that we are NOT a bank. We work completely as an online handle that urges people to apply for development quickly and safely with just a single fundamental development application structure. With one application through our site, you can quickly get to a wide scope of moneylenders in New Zealand. Your development application is examined by our moneylenders inside in seconds after you apply on our site, extending your chance of development support.

We can empower you to confirm Payday Loans, Personal Loans, Medium Term Loans, and Long Term Loans, all with versatile portion terms, and forceful financing expenses to organize your clear spending arrangement.

Kinds Of Loans We Offer

Payday Loans

Secure R100 to R8,000 and repay it more than 1 to a half year. This kind of credit is normally used for transient emergency purposes, or to cover certain ephemeral or once-off expenses.

Individual Loans

Get R8,001 to R20,000 and repay it more than 6 to 24 months+. This kind of development is for the most part taken out to cover little to medium kind cash necessities and is repaid over a short to medium term period.

Our Clients Truly Adore Us On a step by step premise, we get many particular development applications from people all through New Zealand and we ceaselessly regulate to help practically every one of them to ask their advances recognized. Our customers give us an ordinary advantage rating of 4 out of 5 stars.