5 Ways to Don't Spend When Traveling

5 Ways to Don't Spend When Traveling

Every day you can be busy with studies, work in the office or running a house, there are times when you feel terribly tired. I wanted to go out and take a walk, enjoying life.

But, seeing the trip is worth …

Fulfill your desire to travel due to high costs, and you will return to a specific routine with your mind and heart, still sluggish.

Do you know that traveling doesn’t really need to be rich

Nowadays, a person does not need to move around on a tour or even at a service bureau to refresh himself and go for a walk. If your goal is to travel in comfort, you can program your personal trip.

Don’t worry about the price, because a person can use these five tips to plan their trip. So you can have fun, but a particular bag can still breathe in and out!

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Plan your trip well in advance

These are usually the tips that you should do to save money while traveling. If necessary, plan your trip a year earlier. What for? Because a person could get a much cheaper ticket price by buying when there is a promo or through a travel fair.

So, after starting the calendar for the next year, immediately find the date that, in your opinion, matches your schedule. Then apply for leave at your office or invite your family members on that day. And, start looking for promotional and promotional tickets on various sites.

In addition, you can also search for tourist fairs in your city. Explore most of this exhibition because many airlines will offer travel tickets at prices that are much cheaper than regular prices. The ticket is ready, the bag is not flat!

Choose alternative accommodation beside the hotel

You do not need to choose a five-star hotel to get a comfortable stay. Currently, there are many alternative accommodation options that provide comfort that is actually not inferior to five-star resorts, such as:

  • Homestay

Homestay is a residence that is rented directly to the homeowner. Usually in the form of components of a home or even some rooms of your own home. As the name implies, a house that usually means a house and stays, which means staying, you stay in the specific house of the owner of the house along with various amenities offered.

This type of housing is very popular. The price is usually cheaper with more complete equipment: breakfast, snacks, and dinner (varies depending on the policy of the property owner).

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Another advantage: it can be for many people.

This is ideal if you are traveling with friends. Some homeowners do limit the number of guests. But, nevertheless, you can find a place to stay in which numerous people can simultaneously live.

The family also has a homely atmosphere. Therefore, many foreign tourists and tourists prefer to stay in families compared to other forms of residence. Fortunately, you can also follow their actions by choosing accommodation in this alternative housing. In addition to saving on the cost of your stay, you can also save on the cost of food. Not bad, yes!

  • Guest House

Guesthouses are usually provided by an institution, company, or individual to house guests. But often they also provide this tool for rent to the public.

As the name suggests, this particular “guest house” is usually a house that has a bedroom, a kitchen, and a family room. Ideal for someone who plans to continue together or with family members. Unlike families, guest houses usually do not provide breakfast or even snacks.

Therefore, if you plan to stay in a particular guest house, pay attention to the location near the city center or even to the culinary middle of the city of your destination.

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  • Bed and Breakfast (B & B)

The bed and breakfast refer to a bed and breakfast. In Indonesia, B & Bull shit may be better known because of motels or hotels. The B&B is actually very similar to a hotel with one or two celebrities. The difference will be that the B&B does not actually provide any amenities other than breakfast. The room provided was modest: a bed and a bathroom.

Well, if your goal is to stay overnight – just relax or stay up, maybe this is the best choice for you. After all, the next day you will be busy traveling again, right?

  • Capsule hotel

Well, here is one type of housing that is trending. As the name suggests, this is a hotel room based on the capsule concept. This hotel provides only one narrow room per guest. The shape is similar to an elongated capsule, usually stratified like a bunk bed, and on average it is used only for sleep.

For storage of items, as a rule, you will be given a cabinet and a key. Sometimes some capsule hotels provide outlets.

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One thing you need to pay attention to you must share with others.

Since the concept is very simple, you are only provided with a thin case that separates your guest from the person. You can find only a few bathrooms and can be used interchangeably. So don’t worry in the middle of the night. All visitors around you can wake up!

The fact that many tourists, such as from this hotel, is usually the price. You just need to pay a small amount for an overnight stay, depending on location and city. Before buying, always check the location and amenities. You may appear for testimonies related to guests who used the hotel in the first place.

A person no longer needs to move on to the problem of finding one at a time. Just search tourist sites for alternative housing reviews After that, select a hotel with a good overview.

Oh yeah! Do not forget to ask about promotions in your place of residence or use the vouchers offered by travel sites. Who knows that you can get a special rate or a special discount!

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Avoid expensive restaurants and restaurants in business centers or tourist attractions

This is what often makes your expenses rise while traveling. I had so much fun walking and enjoying the tourist attractions, you are tired and tired. Because you are tired, your stomach is hungry, and all the food your eyes see is delicious. Finally, exit your wallet and you will begin to buy one appetizer, two appetizers and so on. Still not satisfied, you decided to go to one of the restaurants near the tourist site. Oh!

In fact, food sold in tourist places has a price that is much more expensive than in ordinary restaurants and restaurants. French fries, which are usually cheap, can be much more expensive inexpensive places for visitors and restaurants. In fact, the serving plus taste is exactly the same.

Thus, in order to prevent such a trap for visitors, it is better to eat right before you go there right now. You can also create your own schedule to end visiting tourist attractions before lunch. Provided that the specific schedule is smooth, a person should not consume on travel sites that you visit.

Cheaper, and you? Of course, it can!

Bring your lunch break. If you are staying overnight in a hotel with a kitchen or public kitchen, you can prepare for dinner before you leave. Just instant noodles or even fried rice will eventually be easily cooked as a procedure on the tourist website later.

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Use public transportation

Stay away from taxis, rental vehicles and online transport when you are taking public transport, for example, buses and locomotives can be used and used. It is known that public transport has tariffs that are definitely cheaper than taxis, leasing and even online transport. This will greatly help a person in reducing costs.

You can use taxis and online transportation when you can find obstacles to use. After relaxing, you can explore open public transport routes and use them to save money. Or, if you like to burn calories, you can also go to move to places that are usually close enough, you understand! Take advantage of open travel services with specific areas.

This travel culture is growing today. An open trip!

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To save money and increase the number of participants, many modern communities spend open trips or joint holidays that are open to additional participants outside the local community. You can learn about such open trips and use them to save money. In addition to going on vacation, you can also create networks and add friends.

As for those of you who are not yet married, who know that you can find your soul mate on this open trip? So, avoid delaying your chance to travel again just for the price! Use the 5 tips above to make your trip more efficient, but nonetheless fun! As one famous writer, Paulo Coelho noted, “Travel is not just money, but courage”: travel is not money, but courage.

So you may have the courage to travel?

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