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Payday Loans & Personal Loans in Asia and Oceania

Here you will find suitable loans in Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines

Indonesia loans

between 350,000 and 3 billion rupees
  • Loan term: from 1 month to 60 months;

  • Age: from 20 to 60 years;

  • General conditions: You need to be a citizen of Indonesia, have a steady income and the necessary documents

  • Our financial companies in Indonesia:

  • – Tokopedia Pinjaman Online

  • – KreditCepat

  • – DanaBijak

  • – Cashwagon and others

New Zealand loans

from 100 to 5 000 New Zealand dollars
  • Loan term: from 2 to 368 days;

  • Age: you must be over 18;

  • General conditions: You must be a citizen or resident of New Zealand, you must have a bank account and a valid phone number, you must have a regular job with the same employer for at least 3 months

  • Our financial companies in New Zealand:

  • – Smartcash

  • – Moola Loans

  • – CashTillPayday and others

Thailand loans

Up to 100,000 baht or more
  • Loan term: from 30 days to 5 years;

  • Age: from 20 to 60 years;

  • General conditions: You must have an identity card, a copy of the documents for the house, you must have a bank account

  • Our financial companies in Thailand:

  • – Masii

  • – GoBear

  • – CitiBank

  • – and others

Philippines loans

From 2,000 to 50,000 dong
  • Loan term: from 1 to 3 months;

  • Age: from 20 to 60 years

  • General conditions: You must be a citizen of the Philippines, have an identity card, you must also have a regular income

  • Our financial companies in Philippines:

  • – LoanRanger

  • – CashWagon

  • – CashMart

  • – Binixo and others

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Questions and answers

Getting a loan is a simple with us! A quick 4 stage application process to get your money!
Apply safely and securely online! Your application instantly reviewed by multiple lenders accept your loan offer! Cash paid in your account today!
What interest rate will I be charged?
Interest rates vary between each lender, however, you could expect to receive of between 5% upwards on the value of your loan. 
Are you a "lender" or a broker?
Payday Gorilla is an online loan matching broker that connects people with lenders. We are not a lender!

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